All In One Solar Street Light

all in one

All In One Solar Street Light

"All in one" solar street light is an all new kind of solar street light for road lighting. With simple installation, easy maintenace. Each part is imaginative, all materials are carefully selected. Protected against all weathers.

solar garden light

Solar Garden Light

Solar all in one garden light which combines solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller into one system features by Wireless application, intelligent light control and waterproof lightning protection

all in two

Split Solar Street Light

(Split)All in two solar street light features by the high efficient solar panel is split from light head so that it will allows solar panel keep facing the sun while the light head directs light where it is needed.

All In One solar street light

SBM SolarTech Solar street light has a High Efficient Mono Crystalline solar panel, High brightness LED, Long life lithium battery and Microwave sensor. Integrated solar street light is the thinnest integrate solar light in the world with built-in switch,easy Installation.

Why Solar Lights

Off-grid, No need for Cable and Electricity, Save Money

You need not to invest huge money to build electricity grid, no trenching or complex wiring required.

Safe, Easy Installation and maintenance

Solar lights are very easy to install and maintenance, typically only needing a few bolts to hold them secure and some basic wirings.

Green & Renewable

Solar energy is green. And there is no harmful gases come from a solar panel.









All In One Application